Custom Design Options

Custom design options are an integral part of a Fox Pool.

Once you've made a decision about all of the basics, selecting add-on options can be one of the most exciting parts of completing your custom poolscape. Below are some ideas for enhancing the appearance and enjoyment of your pool.


Building On Our Reputation Since 1988

"I didn't want a pool like my neighbors, and I didn't get one!" - E.M. Bauske -



A spa allows you to enjoy your pool year round.

Pictured: Raised spa with two spillways and custom scupper bowl.



A raised wall creates a wonderful backdrop for your yard and frames your pool.

Pictured: Raised wall planter with flagstone cap and tile face.



Rock waterfalls create a natural look while adding the soothing sound of falling water to your poolscape.

Pictured: Waterfall by Fox Pool.



PowerFalls are an elegant addition to any area of your pool or backyard. A variety of options are available, from simple to ornate.

Pictured: Raised back wall with PowerFalls.



A sun shelf offers a great place for little ones to play or adults to relax. It is a relatively inexpensive addition that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Pictured: Lounge chairs atop large sun shelf. Pool features a beach entry, rock falls, and raised planters.



We offer an assortment of fountains, bubblers, pencil jets, and areators to enhance the look and sound of your pool. These serve to cool your water and will transform your pool from ordinary to extraordinary.

Pictured: Sunshelf with bubblers.



Customize your pool area with decorative accents. The sky's the limit. Make your outdoor living area a reflection of your lifestyle.

Pictured: Fox Pool logo set in Pavestone deck.



Set the night mood...This is luxury at its finest.

Pictured: Illuminated waterfall at night.